Does Sugar Hurt Your Teeth?

Does Sugar Hurt Your Teeth? – All The Facts You Need to Know

Can sugar really hurt your teeth? It may seem like it but the answer is no. Below we take a look at some of the common myths you may have heard about sugar and teeth.

sugar hurts teeth

Sugar Doesn’t Cause Tooth Decay – Does sugar cause tooth decay? The opposite is actually true. You can actually stimulate the natural healing process in your mouth. And sugar can actually assist in the process.

Sugar is Bad For Your Kidneys – If you are a person who has recently developed diabetes, it can be harmful to your kidneys. If you drink alcohol regularly, sugar can inhibit the production of more-absorbing salts in your body. If you consume sugar on a regular basis, you may begin to suffer from the effects of diabetes. This can have serious implications for your health.

Sugar is Bad For Your Overall Health – A lot of people believe that sugar can be harmful to your overall health. This is completely false. Sugar has positive impacts on your body in the long run.

Sugar is Too Expensive – Sugar is not a luxury and is not out of reach. You will find that it is, in fact, an affordable snack that is packed with taste and benefits.

Sugar is Harder to Remove – This myth about sugar not being removed from your body and rubbing off is very common. Sugar and white flour can actually be ground into a powder and distributed to those who require it. Sugar is actually easy to remove from your body if you have it in a healthy and beneficial way.

Sugar Stains – Sugar is not hard to remove from your teeth or from your mouth. When you brush, it just gets removed from your teeth.

Sugar Causes Tooth Decay – Does sugar cause tooth decay? No, it does not.

Sugar is a Dentifrice – Sugar is not a pharmaceutical product and can actually be beneficial to your oral health. Many people love to have treated because of the way sugar softens the plaque on their teeth. But the studies have shown that sugar does not directly cause tooth decay.

Sugar Does Not Help Your Weight Loss – The message that sugar does not help your weight loss is very true. If you want to lose weight, or feel satisfied about yourself, sugar will not be helpful to you.

Sugar Hurts Your Teeth – Do sugar really hurt your teeth? Not at all. In fact, eating natural sweeteners and sweetened drinks can actually be helpful to your teeth.

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